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We work primarily in motion graphics and 2d animated video. Our experience spans from explainer video campaigns to broadcast commercials, educational content, and work for non-profit organizations.

Our second love is for anything involving visual design. Graphics, print media, and web design are also a large part of what we offer.


Marketing and advertising agencies

B2B and B2C Businesses

Educational companies

Technology companies

Medicine and bio-sciences


Engineering and manufacturing


About Us

A boutique animated video production company based in Washington State, with a foundation in traditional animation, graphic design, illustration and web design. We like making things move.

Our specialty is motion design and 2d traditional animation work, with a special emphasis for technology companies, engineering firms, medical providers, non-profits, educational companies, as well as marketing and advertising agencies.

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Our specialty is 2d animation, motion graphics, and 3d industrial animation. We can create just about anything in many styles of work.


We create a variety of art for many forms of media. A few include video games, posters, music covers, television, film, apparel and much more. Our illustration skills vary from cartooney to realistic or abstract.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design skills come in handy for many needs. We work with small businesses and startups creating print media, logo designs, branding packages, and many other formats.


We can create greenscreen replacement, motion tracking, masking and a variety of other 2d effects and 3d effects for live-action video projects.

Previsualization & Script Writing

We can help you write and sketch out your projects. This includes in-depth script writing or simple script support and editing, storyboarding, animatics or style frames to get a solid foundation for your project.

Web Design

We create websites from scratch and our web design services are a great fit for small businesses. We work in many industries including beauty, retail and hospitality to name a few.


Christina animated elearning courses for my organization for a year and half. Some of the courses were more than 10 hours long, and Christina collaborated well with the rest of the animation team to adhere to the template and maintain a consistent look and feel. She did excellent work with all the different animation styles and course elements that we needed, and she was instrumental in helping us produce courses that are much more visually engaging than the run-of-the-mill, static, stock image training. She also did a good job interpreting the content of our courses, which varied wildly from complex IT training to soft skills to continuing education courses for teachers. Christina was flexible and adaptable to our scheduling needs, was a good communicator, and always delivered on time. She was a pleasure to work with!

Jennifer Amerkhanov
Managing Editor

Christina Mayes deserves a strong recommendation as a 3D animator. She joined on to the “Thunder Head Clearing” crew in the home stretch of a long, complex animation production to handle some work overflow involving some tricky and artistically demanding Maya 3D shots. She adapted swiftly, worked very well with the director and fellow crew members, and brought valuable creativity and ingenuity to the project. She proved thoroughly professional, easygoing, and highly competent at every turn.

John Teton

We had previously received character animations from an animation service that were completely unusable. Christina came to our attention as an available animator, and we tossed the broken animations her way. She was able to not only fix the animations, but provide additional animations that we also needed, all at a reasonable cost. Christina is a pleasure to work with, knows her stuff, and what she doesn't know she learns - everything you want in a contractor or worker. Highly recommended.

Red Vonix
Business Owner

Christina is an excellent concept artist. She accurately captures the ideas we meet about with her brush and does a great job of laying out variations then iterating on our choices until we've really refined the idea. She is creative, very easy to work with and I'm very happy with the work she's done with us. Highly recommended.

Robert Green
Lead Programmer / Owner

Christina's freelance work was of very high quality. For what was a specific and somewhat technical animation brief she executed well first time and we hardly had to make any changes. She was personable and delivered on time... you can't ask for much more! I would work with her again

Mark Hayden

Christina is a fun, smart and intelligent designer and artist. Her contributions to the titles at Activision Minneapolis where invaluable. She is positive and earnest and would make a fine addition to any team.

Marc Wilhelm
Activision Minneapolis - Creative Team Manager

Christina possesses the talent as a concept artist to draw with speed and confidence. Internal clients find her a pleasure to collaborate with because she is patient, listening carefully and asking the right leading questions that help each of them clarify what's in their minds eye as she distills that vision into illustrations. I have been impressed watching Christina under the pressure of tight deadlines generate concept art in distinctly different styles for multiple video games simultaneously.

Jason Stempel
Activision Minneapolis - Creative Team Manager