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Pretty soon my contract with my current employer will be over. I’m using this opportunity to reflect on the experience of being apart of Convergence Training’s media team for exactly one year today. There is a lot I have learned about programs like AfterEffects and 3ds Max while being here. The biggest leaps in my knowledge have been growing my technical skills with both of these program.

I have learned some of the basics of programs like Vray, and added skills and experience to using Illustrator and Flash as well. My ability to produce work faster and with more confidence is bolstered by this knowledge.

I’m well versed in 3ds Max’s modeling, animation, lighting and rigging tools to the point that I can do a lot of industrial based animation and production with confidence. Soon I’ll be switching back over to primarily using Maya at home, something I am excited about, since I’ve heard whisperings of some better animation and modeling tools Autodesk is implementing for Maya 2015. I am also a bit sad to leave 3ds Max behind for the moment as well. It’s become familiar to me and I’ve used it almost %50 of my time here or each week to produce work.

My production efficiency aided by learning, asking many questions of my peers and applying that knowledge had grown sharply this year. Soon I’ll be releasing my Industrial Animation Reel showing off some of my work from my current Employer as well as work I did when I worked for ADi.

Stay tuned!