I thought I'd talk a little bit about the ins and outs of making freelancing easier and less stressful by structuring your invoices and finances in a way to make your life better. Cash flow as a freelancer is usually a big problem, because everything about your businesses risk, lead generation, sales, etc, comes from you. Usually you don't have an agent or a sales and marketing team to get you what you need in terms of jobs. So bad, uneven cash flow can be a real nightmare if you need to pay rent in a few days and have zero money to do so, and three of your invoices are due a week out from when you need them. That's why adequate

As a sometimes designer I often look around and see in the case of too many small companies, good branding is not high on their priority list. I have a real world example in my neighborhood that always makes me cringe when I drive by it. It's a diner with a logo that is supposed to look like a polar bear, but instead it clearly looks like a strange mouse with a badly designed and oddly proportioned body and a creepy smile. It is neither appealing or well done, and to me sends the entirely wrong message to customers; we don't care about how our business looks on the outside, in fact, please, feel creeped out about our giant logo. Good,