I've been reading and thinking about this topic a lot lately. The economy that was devastated in 2008 is recovering, but a lot of people have been shifted to doing service work for others. But when I say "service work" I mean a much broader scope than serving food, cutting hair or other occupations of that ilk. A service job is also what I do as a freelancer for commercial agencies and video game companies. Creating commercial artwork is a service, and it's best to think of it that way if you want to succeed. You need to approach problems in a way where you are thinking about your client or customer's needs first, instead of the needs of your pocket

This last week has been a real delight for me. I was on vacation in a quite special area of the Northwest; Olympic National Park. The reason it's so special is because it harbors some of the most pristine old growth and some of the largest trees in a temperate rainforest on the planet. I found the visit incredibly inspiring and was thinking as I hiked through parts of the rainforest that coming back to this area with a sketchbook was the best idea. I felt silly for not thinking of it sooner. Just being there really inspired me to go out, observe and draw in nature more, I think it's something in my ongoing skill building and education that I'm