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This last week has been a real delight for me. I was on vacation in a quite special area of the Northwest; Olympic National Park. The reason it’s so special is because it harbors some of the most pristine old growth and some of the largest trees in a temperate rainforest on the planet.

I found the visit incredibly inspiring and was thinking as I hiked through parts of the rainforest that coming back to this area with a sketchbook was the best idea. I felt silly for not thinking of it sooner. Just being there really inspired me to go out, observe and draw in nature more, I think it’s something in my ongoing skill building and education that I’m sorely neglecting, and something that will also boost my skills in general, be really fun, and teach me more about how to adequately capture a landscape.

I consider painting and designing backgrounds something I’m weak at, but also something I’d like to work on at some point in the future.