So today I thought I'd write a post about some of the tools I use as an animator that I've really come to see as essential to doing my job well. Many of them are free resources, and others are pretty expensive. Let's just get right into it. Whether you're a 2d or 3d animator, or a little of both like me, a Cintiq has become a really essential tool to doing my job. I have tried both the small and large ones, and I honestly can't live without the big one. The reason being is that the smaller monitors just don't seem to give me enough space to work correctly. I'm always cramped into a small space to animate or draw. They

I've been someone who's always been fascinated with video games. I first started playing them when I was in daycare as a small kid. My first games were the original Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt, of which I used the light gun at that time to shoot said ducks. I've also been something who has been fascinated by and interested in good storytelling. Stories are what human beings use to entertain, impart life lessons, and teach others about the world around them. I wrote a lot of stories when I was a kid, and always enjoyed the process. I feel like the video game industry is finally waking up to the power of good, affective storytelling in games. The problem is

Just a quick update this week on what I've been doing. Since May this year myself and a bunch of other Portland based animators have been putting together a short film set to some dance music. This is an original character concepted, modeled, rigged and animated by myself. I had fun making him move around. The band is The Floozies and the song is Sunroof Cadillac. I'll be sure to post the entire segment here once it's put together and is online. Thanks! Enjoy!

Today I thought I'd write about how I got started as an animator and what some of the things are I've learned about breaking into the industry as an artist, as well as some lessons I wish I had known before I attended art school. I got started in animation when I was 8, if we really want to go way back. I was always fascinated by cartoons, and I had already been drawing and writing stories for years at this point. The passion basically was already there, but I realized at this age I had no idea how animation was made, and I wanted to know. I eventually went to Art School in Minneapolis and graduated with a degree in Animation.