If you make your living as a motion designer or animator in Adobe AfterEffects. There are some shortcuts that can and will make your life easier if you know them. The ones I list below are for my Mac platform, but I'll try to look up the differences for PC users as well. These shortcuts I often use every day. They speed up the pace of timing, editing and syncing pieces of footage and sound in AfterEffects. Without further yammering on, let's get to the list, which I've divided into sections below: Basic Transform Shortcuts: A - Anchor Point P - Position S - Scale R - Rotation T - Opacity M - Show masks RR  - Show Time remap property Shift + F3 - Switch between graph timeline view and

Thought I'd write a little about my hopes and dreams for the new year. 2015 was huge for me in terms of a lot of life changes. I managed to work on a lot of interesting and fun projects last year. These are my simple wishes for 2016 for everyone, not just me: I hope you're given struggles that promote growth and wisdom instead of simple turmoil. I hope you appreciate your friends and family, whether blood relatives or those you choose to be your family. I hope you love each other more. I hope you experience more smiles, less tears, and develop more resiliency. I hope you wrestle some of your faults and vices into submission, or at the very least