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Thought I’d write a little about my hopes and dreams for the new year. 2015 was huge for me in terms of a lot of life changes. I managed to work on a lot of interesting and fun projects last year. These are my simple wishes for 2016 for everyone, not just me:

I hope you’re given struggles that promote growth and wisdom instead of simple turmoil. I hope you appreciate your friends and family, whether blood relatives or those you choose to be your family.

I hope you love each other more. I hope you experience more smiles, less tears, and develop more resiliency. I hope you wrestle some of your faults and vices into submission, or at the very least become more aware of them.

I hope you forgive yourself and others for mistakes and faults big and small. I hope you love yourself and accept the part of yourself you find hard to love. Not one of us is perfect, and life is short and fleeting, so living it with grace is important to remember.

I hope you make awesome things that wouldn’t exist on earth without you, and I hope you improve in skills and hobbies you enjoy.

Have a good 2016!