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The use of streaming video online has steadily been rising for years. The use of Netflix instead of cable, Youtube’s growth and popularity for the last decade plus, and other services for video have continued to become more significant and used more often as the internet grows.

In fact video traffic has risen so much that the majority of internet traffic across the world now is simply used for video streaming.

In May 2015, Cisco released the complete VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast, 2014 – 2019. Global highlights from the updated study include the following projections:

  • By 2019, there will be nearly 3.9 billion global Internet users (more than 51 percent of the world’s population), up from 2.8 billion in 2014
  • By 2019, there will be 24 billion networked devices and connections globally, up from 14 billion in 2014
  • Globally, the average fixed broadband connection speed will increase 2.2-fold, from 20.3 Mbps in 2014 to 42.5 Mbps by 2019
  • Globally, IP video will represent 80 percent of all traffic by 2019, up from 67 percent in 2014

This is significant for businesses looking to grab and convert more customers. Video is not only dominating internet traffic, it can also increase your conversions if done right.

The return on investment for business has many claims across the industry for different providers with different case studies and different business models.

However the trend is clear; in order to stay competitive, and engage your customers in a new way, video is a vital tool you can use. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, increase sales, or educate your customers, video is a great option to look into. Online video’s use will continue to grow over time as the internet does and more people become connected.

As an animator and designer who’s been working in entertainment, elearning and advertising. I can attest that a well-crafted message and video can and will impact your sales and business. I do not provide statistics or percentages for sales because every client’s requires are different for their message, and the impact on sales and conversions can vary depending on a video’s execution and marketing online.

However I will say that a great majority of clients I have helped have gone on the praise how a smartly executed explainer video has impacted their sales and helped them to grow their business faster and more affectively.

The return on investment is clear! Video is where it’s at.

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