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Training can be hard and expensive for a company to implement, and the consequences of having an untrained or under-trained workforce can be catastrophic to your bottom line if profit margins are squeezed by market forces, and you have a project or product that is hard to implement.

Training your workforce well, and keeping track of their progress as they learn is essential for increasing a work environment’s efficiency and saving money on overhead. It can also save time spent investigating what went wrong where and when if something goes wrong on a project or service.

Training is very important, and can give you an edge in your business if implemented well.

However many small and medium-sized companies simply don’t have the time or money to hire a trainer or instructional designer full-time.

But there is an alternative that can give you a great return on investment, or work in conjunction with in-person training; animated training videos.

Animation is great as a training tool because it can break down often hard to convey ideas or concepts into symbols and motion that both entertain the trainee, and provide more than one avenue of information about the process they are learning.

This helps a learner increase information retention; It makes them learn faster and easier!

Why is this the case?

Because animation conveys ideas in four different ways:

  • Symbols
  • Motion
  • Sound
  • On-screen text prompts

Learning in humans crosses over many different types of sensory input, including visual, auditory, tactile and introspective experiences.

This is why a video can increase a learner’s ability to retain and implement knowledge. That knowledge flies at them in a number of different formats, reinforcing the ideas being taught.

Animated training is also great because you don’t have to worry about discrepancies in the classroom or forgetting essential knowledge to show learners. You can tailor your animated training to exactly what you want your students to learn.

Animated videos give the same lessons exactly the same way over and over again without the cost of paying someone to run multiple demos, or teaching internal employees about a new process or product in multiple sessions because of scheduling issues.

Animated training can be learned at an employees own pace and schedule. This decreases disruptions and increases a workforces efficiency and ability to manage their own time around other duties.

If lessons need to be tweaked or added onto, it’s easy and less expensive to change them later on in an animated training video. Accommodating new information or changes in a product or service is easy with video training!

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