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You’re in the middle of a video marketing campaign launch and your conversions aren’t meeting their targets. Adjustments and optimizations aren’t helping. What could be the problem?  Let’s go through a few tips to get your strategy back on track:

One tip to get back on track is to take a second look at who you’re targeting. Who are your customers? What are their lives like? Who seems to be enthusiastic about your product? Who isn’t enthusiastic? What is your average CTR (click-through rate) based on gender, demographics and interests?

Going back to basics like this can really help with adjusting your strategy from keywords to use, to understanding when to market to your audience during different times of the week, or times of the day. Remember that you are here to help people who might benefit from your product in some way.

Try to visualize your potential audience and write a profile of their interests, their lives and what makes them happy. What do they wear? What are their hobbies? What are their values?

After this, if you haven’t done so, write a brief profile of one member of this potential audience and what makes them happy, as well as what they dislike.

It’s also a good exercise to make a list of items that they might have in their house, and what they might do with their free time or with their family or friends.

 Another tip to re-adjust your strategy is to try and readjust your video’s delivery method. Not all social media platforms or broadcast platforms are equal. Some perform better than others. Video use on the internet is rising every year, and Youtube is one of the most potent social media platforms for advertising these days.

There is evidence that well-optimized youtube video campaigns work wonders on conversion rates. Why? People love watching videos, and youtube is the largest video network in the world.

Try and use any statistics you can from social media outlets you’re using to craft a better picture of what isn’t working.

Need extra help? Adjustments not working? We do market strategy consultations for customers in order to help them figure out further marketing pitfalls.

Sometimes a video just is not impacting your audience because the message and video itself may have some fundamental misunderstandings about the product and the audience for whom the product is for.

Impactful messaging is the most important part to get right on a video campaign. If the messaging isn’t right, it can have a big impact on your bottom line for the marketing budget that’s spent.

We can help you craft something better. Get in touch today!