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Greetings! It’s been quiet on the blog this year. But it’s because we’ve been busy working on a bunch of projects. Last year we had the opportunity to work on two television shows for Explosm entertainment. One was a show called Purgatony, and the other a show called The Blubburbs.

You can watch the first free episode of Purgatony below:

The Blubburbs can been seen in it’s entirety online at GO90.com. You can view one of the shorts of the series below:

On top of TV shows, we are working in conjunction with Drunk Robot Games to complete the artwork for the video game adventure, “A Purrtato Tail: By the Light of the Elderstar”.

The game is slated to be released in February of 2019 on Steam, XBoxOne, PS4, and other platforms that are yet to be announced. We are responsible for almost all of the game’s artwork, and very excited to see it released next year.

You can wishlist the game on Steam here!

Some of the other fun projects we completed in late 2017 and earlier 2018 are for some of our favorite clients. You can view a few of those below:

SciBSJ’s Resident Evil 7 Animated:

Muvwell’s App Explainer. All graphic design and Motion Graphics by us. Our awesome client Harter Creative fielded the video and production:

That’s it for now! Check back soon for some more updates.