We’re focused on animated marketing videos and design for agencies, business and organizations. We help a number of specialty industries clarify their message and create beautiful and effective marketing products that increase leads and create more traction on products and services.

We’re a one-stop creative production house. We provide visual communication solutions for a large variety of projects. Our foundation is in 2d animation, motion design and graphic art.

However, we’re well versed in web design and development, video game art and animation, industrial animation projects, and print media.

We’re adaptable, reliable and provide the best value we can to our clients. We’re here to help you succeed, or at the very least, look really great for hiring us to your boss!

animated video production companies

The Team

Christina Mayes

I started Yon and Yonder in 2010 because I honestly couldn’t pick one thing I loved to do. My foundation is in traditional animation, but I have a passion for creating beautiful, sophisticated things through story, design, and motion in all forms.

I’m energized and inspired by solving people’s problems with visual solutions that are fast and effective.

Ryan Mayes

Ryan is a workflow and administrative master. Our approach is to always be organized, communicative and produce a quality product.

His artistic background is artistic renderings for pool installation and landscaping. He manages the operations of Yon and Yonder.

animated video production companies


Our specialty is motion design and 2d traditional animation, however, we’re a multi-faceted animation and design studio with a lot to offer.

We work with technology companies, medical providers, small businesses, engineering firms, advertising and marketing agencies and video game production studios.

The goal is to produce high quality, low stress work with reliability. We’re known for good communication and delivering on time.


We are located in the lovely and rainy Washington State near the hidden coast. This is why we’re named Yon and Yonder. We’re physically far away from, well, everybody. But we love living here and wouldn’t change a thing.

We’re also a top video production company in Washington. Our goal is to provide great services and products to our clients. The seclusion here does give us some extra peace and quiet to work on your projects. Which is always a bonus.