Just a quick update this week on what I've been doing. Since May this year myself and a bunch of other Portland based animators have been putting together a short film set to some dance music. This is an original character concepted, modeled, rigged and animated by myself. I had fun making him move around. The band is The Floozies and the song is Sunroof Cadillac. I'll be sure to post the entire segment here once it's put together and is online. Thanks! Enjoy!

I've been inspired this week by making some slow progress on my short film, NF Core 01. I had a dialogue session with my sound guy that happened last August that we were finally getting around to cleaning up. A lot of people don't understand the fundamental steps and workflow required to create an animated shortfilm, so I put together this small flowchart to show the steps involved in a broad sense and how they fit together and are connected. There are a lot of minutiae here I'm leaving out because the process is very complicated and has a lot of moving parts. It's a lot of work but for me it's a labor of love to create short films. Every