You're in the middle of a video marketing campaign launch and your conversions aren't meeting their targets. Adjustments and optimizations aren't helping. What could be the problem?  Let's go through a few tips to get your strategy back on track: 1) One tip to get back on track is to take a second look at who you're targeting. Who are your customers? What are their lives like? Who seems to be enthusiastic about your product? Who isn't enthusiastic? What is your average CTR (click-through rate) based on gender, demographics and interests? Going back to basics like this can really help with adjusting your strategy from keywords to use, to understanding when to market to your audience during different times of the week, or

There are four different types of learning styles that reflect a combination of learning types in people. Those types are: visual auditory tactile People gravitate towards a set combination of these types together, the four types are: The Reflector: prefers to think about what they're learning The Activist: learn by doing The Theorist: likes to understand how what they're learning fits into a previous framework. The Pragmatist: care about how it will work in the real world You may be wondering why I'm listing these in a blog post about explainer videos and their effectiveness on your audience. I'm listing them because they are significant to your website's conversion rate on consumers choosing to spend their money on your product. The average attention span of internet users in 2015 clocked

Storytelling is something people everywhere appreciate and love. It's a form of entertainment, as well as a medium to teach life lessons to everyone. It imparts cultural ideas and expectations, and spurs progressive action and critique of culture. Stories are things humans have made up and passed down over millennia to each other. Whether through oral tradition or written down, stories captivate and excite us, they charge the imagination and move us deeply if done well. Is it no small wonder that the Epic of Gilgamesh is still a story we talk about today, one that existed an estimated 3000 years ago. There are countless other cuneiform tablets recovered from the ruins of Sumer and Ur, but the story of Gilgamesh has

In the past ten years there has been a growing demand by small businesses for cheap, quick and affectively marketing videos created for the web. Specifically these video include or are entirely made up of motion graphics and animation as their backbone. They are typically called 'Explainer Videos' and the demand for them is steadily growing. This is significant because animation has a unique advantage over things like slideshows, photo galleries or even live action footage. Animation can be incredibly strong at showing abstract ideas or enhancing the content or brand of a company to be friendlier and show their potential clients or customers what they do, or how a product they sell works. As someone who's working on eLearning courses for

As a sometimes designer I often look around and see in the case of too many small companies, good branding is not high on their priority list. I have a real world example in my neighborhood that always makes me cringe when I drive by it. It's a diner with a logo that is supposed to look like a polar bear, but instead it clearly looks like a strange mouse with a badly designed and oddly proportioned body and a creepy smile. It is neither appealing or well done, and to me sends the entirely wrong message to customers; we don't care about how our business looks on the outside, in fact, please, feel creeped out about our giant logo. Good,