Anyone can agree that a well-honed education is vital to the prosperity of a child's future, and so delivering effective, quality educational content that kids can enjoy and understand is important. It's also well understood that educating can be expensive. Animation and interactive content can do the job of educating well. It's obvious to anyone that kids find cartoons fun and entertaining. Any parent can tell you stories of sitting a child in front of the TV and coming back to hear they learned something new. Even if that something new wasn't what a parent intended, it happens. There is even something called "The Sesame Street Effect". A well-documented study showed the impact of Sesame Street on early education for kids. It was

While I'm a fan of technology, sometimes it concerns me that our lives are so filled with screens now. Our computers, televisions, smartphones and tablets hog our time these days. I find this funny that I'm writing this post right after last weeks, where I was celebrating the use of interactive signage in advertising and for installation for museums. One thing that does concern me, and maybe it's because I'm an old person now officially, is the use of screens in the lives of children. Yeah yeah, people thought the same thing about television back in the day, blah blah blah. They thought it would rot children's brains and that we would turn out like zombies. But the prominence of screens