Mobile games have been implementing ads and in-app purchases to make their money on freely downloaded software since 2008. Will AR follow the same trend? There is a new market on the block, and it's called Augmented Reality. In a few short days Pokemon Go has turned into a world-wide sensation. It's definitely something new and different from a normal mobile game. It displays some of the amazing things that we can now do with augmented reality technology, including the integration of high-level GPS tracking data, environmentally aware camera tracking technology and 3d animated characters together. The next step for AR and VR tech may be the inclusion of new and different monetization features that aren't too obstructive to users, and still make

The last ten years has heralded a massive change in how marketers and advertisers reach their customers, collect data, make their products known, and create experiences that enhance brands and sell to the public. Smaller companies now have more options available to them online than ever before to reach, understand, and curtail their businesses and services to customers in need. This includes the rise of the use of cellphones, an explosion in app development, responsive and easy to build websites and interactive website ads, and now VR and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality). These products add to the branding and marketing packages for companies large and small and enable more engagement, and help people understand your products and what you do. This freeing up of

Storytelling is something people everywhere appreciate and love. It's a form of entertainment, as well as a medium to teach life lessons to everyone. It imparts cultural ideas and expectations, and spurs progressive action and critique of culture. Stories are things humans have made up and passed down over millennia to each other. Whether through oral tradition or written down, stories captivate and excite us, they charge the imagination and move us deeply if done well. Is it no small wonder that the Epic of Gilgamesh is still a story we talk about today, one that existed an estimated 3000 years ago. There are countless other cuneiform tablets recovered from the ruins of Sumer and Ur, but the story of Gilgamesh has

I thought I'd talk a little bit about the ins and outs of making freelancing easier and less stressful by structuring your invoices and finances in a way to make your life better. Cash flow as a freelancer is usually a big problem, because everything about your businesses risk, lead generation, sales, etc, comes from you. Usually you don't have an agent or a sales and marketing team to get you what you need in terms of jobs. So bad, uneven cash flow can be a real nightmare if you need to pay rent in a few days and have zero money to do so, and three of your invoices are due a week out from when you need them. That's why adequate

Let's talk about marketing for Indie Developers of all stripes. I'm going to tell you a secret a lot of fledgling entrepreneurs don't think about enough; Everything begins and ends with sales. This is the same whether you are a coffee shop, Goldman Sachs, Disney, or anyone else. Sales make your business go round and keep you employed, keep your bank account happy and help everything else work to stay open. I bet when you think about sales, even that word conjures up strange uncomfortable images in your mind and makes your stomach hurt. Don't worry, you're not alone. But sales aren't what you think they are. We all hate sales tactics that involve cold calling from anonymous call centers, spam e-mail