As a media designer and animator. I often run into the issue of courses being written in ways that make it hard to understand visually what an author is implying. Sometimes with very technical subjects, like engineering and computer networking, it is normal for many designers to not understand the author's intentions. However, sometimes written storyboards can be so vague that it's hard to effectively communicate about what is visually needed, and your designer will often make mistakes and ask a lot of questions, causing a lot of wasted time and money for everyone. Below are a list of Do's and Don't for course authors to keep in mind when writing a course for your animator or media designer. Whether you're an

As someone who's been doing digital painting for a long LONG time, and who feels like she's only very recently gotten good at it. I thought I'd write a bit about how I got here and the process of learning how to paint without any formal training in school or otherwise. I started learning photoshop when I was about fourteen years old, and I was instantly hooked. However I had no idea how to use the real tools available and was far more interested in painting something and then adding one million lens flares and other effects and then calling it good. This was not the right way to approach painting or making decent artwork. See example below of OLD stuff I

This week I thought I'd write about my experience with trying to make my job easier as a freelancer. This includes a number of little tips and tricks that have worked for me to stay on track, get things done and not spend too much idle time wondering where my next paycheck will come from. Use a Content Management System (CMS). There a number of them out there that are pretty great. The one I use is called Podio. It's an all integrated system for handling who I invoiced when, projects, deliverables, and task assignments to help me plan out each day and week. A good CMS will take your everyday stress away once you have a workflow down. Others that

Pretty soon my contract with my current employer will be over. I'm using this opportunity to reflect on the experience of being apart of Convergence Training's media team for exactly one year today. There is a lot I have learned about programs like AfterEffects and 3ds Max while being here. The biggest leaps in my knowledge have been growing my technical skills with both of these program. I have learned some of the basics of programs like Vray, and added skills and experience to using Illustrator and Flash as well. My ability to produce work faster and with more confidence is bolstered by this knowledge. I'm well versed in 3ds Max's modeling, animation, lighting and rigging tools to the point that I